The Dolphin tour takes place in the southernmost part of the island, precisely in the quaint Kizimkazi fishing village. Here many dolphins live happily in a natural setting, and so you will be able to see them in their best possible scenario. In fact this is the perfect place for dolphin watching in Zanzibar and it is also well known all around the world. There are bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins. The dolphins can easily be seen while you sail on the boat from the village. You may also indulge in swimming as well as snorkelling.

The tour is carried out in the early morning and afternoon, subject to weather conditions. You will be picked up from the hotel at 6:00am in case you are interested in the morning tour, or at 2:30pm for the afternoon one. Should the weather not be good enough we shall inform you in the morning and postpone the tour either to the following day or on another day which will be suitable for you.

Besides enjoying your time with the dolphins, this tour will also allow you to enjoy the Kizimkazi village itself. This is a very nice place which many tourists visit. There is the old mosque, which is a historical site that dates back to the 12th century. This mosque is the evidence that Islam existed in South Africa even back then. Moreover, Kizimkazi village offers both natural as well as cultural attractions, so it is definitely worth visiting.

You may book your dolphin tour in Zanzibar easily online through our booking section. Simply input the number of people you will be, and the date you prefer, along with your contact details.

Dolphins are amicable, sweet and playful. They like to have people around them and are good in socializing. Being able to see them up close, possibly even touch them gently and look into their beautiful eyes is simply an amazing experience, and one which you will be able to cherish forever as probably this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This Zanzibar dolphin tour is perfect for a family with kids, couples, as well as for lovers of sea creatures. It is a unique and memorable experience that you will be happy to recall with friends and family.